materials and machinery

Our Process

Engineered Packaging Systems® Inc. takes a comprehensive look at your unique project to ensure a polished solution that will offer satisfactory results. Our team is different than most, we are able to offer a full consultation for your project to ensure that your packaging line runs efficiently with the correct consumables and machinery working together. We are always looking for the best possible solutions for our clients and ensure that we are there every step of the way, from the design process, to install, to exceptional ongoing service. 


One source, multiple needs

Whether your need is to package your product in high quality materials or to protect and promote your product utilizing the latest in machinery technology, EPS® is ready to assist you with our team of professionals!

Combining both of our processes means that you have only 1 (one) company to deal with when rolling out your project.

Materials Supplier

We supply the following consumables:

  • Pallet Containment Films: Stretch, shrink, hooder
  • Agricultural and Seed Research Packaging
  • Shrink Films
  • Labels, Inkjet, and Marking
  • Flexible Film, Pouches, and Bags
  • Sustainable Packaging Products
  • Tapes and Adhesives
  • Corrugated Packaging


We provide the following machinery:

  • Shrink Film Packaging Machinery
  • Pallet Load Containment: Stretch Film, Hooder, Strapping
  • Carton Erecting, Loading And Sealing
  • Label And Marking Machines
  • Bagging, Sealing, Horizontal And Vertical Baggers
  • Filling, Capping, Inspection Systems
  • Material Handling And Conveyor Solutions